W08-Fall 2017. Experimenting with Alcohol Ink on Yupo, Tiles and Mixed Media Products

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(All Levels)
You will learn the methods and techniques needed to create beautiful paintings using alcohol inks on Yupo.

DATES:  Dec 11th and 12th
TIME:  9:30 am to 4:00 pm (1⁄2 hour lunch)


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(All Levels)
You will learn the methods and techniques needed to create beautiful paintings using alcohol inks on Yupo. Alcohol inks create beautiful, vibrant, transparent color unlike any other medium and form lovely patterns within your painting. You will also learn how to alter National Geographic pages to incorporate as collage material onto an alcohol ink on Yupo background. Learn new ways to add pizzazz to your paintings and collages. The possibilities are endless! We will also create paintings on tiles which will make wonderful gifts for the holiday season!

DATES:  Dec 11th and 12th
TIME:  9:30 am to 4:00 pm (1⁄2 hour lunch)


Supply List

Carolyn Opderbeck Fall 2017 Supply List: – Creative Explorations Alcohol Ink on Yupo workshop:W8

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In the past, Imagination International, the distributors of Copic products have supplied me with Copic alcohol inks for my workshops. I still have a good supply which we will use in this workshop.
You might like to purchase some Adirondak Alcohol Inks for your own use. A good place to purchase them is at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and use a discount coupon.
Each participant in my workshops will receive a free e-mail download of my Creative Explorations Painting with Copic Various Inks (alcohol inks) on Yupo workbook. All the methods and techniques which are taught on the first day are detailed at length in this workbook and it will be a great resource after taking the workshop. (reg. price online $15.) All the colors can be substituted using Adirondak or other brands of alcohol ink.
1. Alcohol inks. (I will be using both Copic and Adirondak inks) Adirondak, Jacquard and other brands are available and you can use them if you wish. (the Copic Various Ink Refills can be ordered through Blick. They have the best prices for Copic products.
I use Copic Various Inks which are more expensive than some of the others, but have three times as much ink in a container. COPIC VARIOUS INKS CAN BE PURCHASED ONLINE FROM DICKBLICK.COM They are often on supersaver.
Please note: I will have a generous supply of Copic Inks to use in the workshop, so you need not purchase all the inks on this list. The empty Copic container with a booster tip is also available to use during the workshop. The following are the inks that I used in the workbook.
Y02 canary yellow
Y15 cadmium yellow
YG13 chartreuse
BG49 Duck blue
B02 Robin’s egg blue
B29 Ultramarine blue
RV09 Fuchia
R27 Cadmium red
I HAVE RECEIVED A GOOD SUPPLY OF THE ABOVE COLORS FOR YOUR WORKSHOP TO SAMPLE AND SHARE. You will have at least 16 colors to use during the workshop.

2. One(1) empty Copic Various ink container or a pkg. of Jacquard Squeeze bottles (3 small
3. If you purchase the empty Copic container you will need a pkg. of Refill Booster nibs.
4. 4-5 sheets of white lightweight Yupo (Dick Blick online)
5. 91% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) purchase from RiteAid or CVS…make sure it is 90-91%)
6. Soda straws and coffee stirrers
7. Several watercolor brushes 02-2 (med. Priced)
8. Latex or similar tight fitting gloves to keep your hands clean (optional if you don’t mind ink
covered hands)
9. A roll of paper towels
10. A misting spray bottle with a hand pump (art/craft store …also Dick Blick)
11. Two small lidded containers for the alcohol (small jars..artcraft store)
12. Freezer wrap to keep your work surface clean. ( supermarket)
13. Inexpensive Plastic welled palette (24 wells) (Blick)
14. Black fine line alcohol based marker and any other brush markers you may have (optional, but
you can do a lot with them)
15. Some inexpensive watercolor brushes including a brush for fine lines (#2) and a #4 or any
brushes you have. I also often use angle brushes.
16. Citrasolv concentrated cleaner & degreaser
17. For collage: Clear gel medium
18. If you have any stencils, we will use them to create patterns within our paintings

THE FOLLOWING IS OPTIONAL: If you are interested in incorporating some collage materials I will be demonstrating how to alter National Geographic pages with CitraSolv. Any National Geographic magazines from 1970 to date will work.

You can order these supplies in one location by clicking on the DickBlickU icon on my website: www.carolynopderbeck.com Then choose New Jersey….my name…and alcohol ink workshop supply list.I WILL BRING SOME TILES but you may want to purchase some yourself. White High-Gloss tiles, whatever size you want to use for your project. Some might want to make coasters or trivets. To seal those, you need RANGER ICE RESIN. We will not be sealing the tiles in this workshop.